Supply Chain Collaboration: Achieving Success in a Dynamic Environment

A White Paper by Renaissance Services

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Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: A Focus on Aerospace & Defense

Research Supply Chain Metrics That Matter is a series of reports published  by Supply Chain Insights LLC.

These reports are based on data collected from financial balance sheets and income statements over the period of 2000-2012. In these reports, it is  analyzed how companies made trade-offs over the course of the last decade in balancing growth, profitability, cycles and complexity.

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Airbus Procurement Organisation Major Suppliers

In this presentation you can find Airbus procurement organization structure and major 1st Tier suppliers of Airbus.

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2015 Top Markets for Aircraft Part Manufacturers

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The Journey Toward Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing of the Future

IT Transformation for Aerospace and Defense

Mobility, Social Business, Big Data and Cloud 

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Future Outlook : The Resilient Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain

Adapting Your Supply Chain to New Realities in Aerospace and Defense” by IDC Manufacturing Insight

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Aerospace Suppliers: 6 Secrets for Unlocking Value from AS9100 Standards

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