A&D Engineering Performance Management: Balancing Creativity and Discipline

Aerospace & Defense Insights by Alix Partners


Ensure Affordability with Design for Manufacturing-DFM

A whitepaper from Renaissance Services about how to implement efficient design approach for manufacturing.

You can download the report here:


How Advanced Technologies Help to Meet Challenge in Landing Gear Design and Development

This paper presents a perspective on various stages of landing gear design and development, current technology landscape and how these technologies are helping us to meet the challenges involved in the development of landing gear and how they are going to evolve in future.

It is presented  by Divakaran V. N., Ravi Kumar G. V. V. and Srinivasa Rao P. from Infosys.

You can download white paper from slideshare:



Aerospace Engineering Gears Up New Challenges

I’d like to share “World is not flat: Aerospace Engineering Gears Up New Challenges” report  by Ian Fergusan from ICF International.”


What benefits to expect from Configuration Management in Aerospace and Defense

I’d like to share “Configuration Management in Aerospace and Defense” report by Accenture

Innovative thinking is key CM is a capability that A&D companies must master in order to break down organizational silos, improve their cost, quality and time to market, and develop their service offerings

  • Configuration Management
  • Process-driven organisation
  • Resources and cultural change management
  • Planning Dynamic and product orientated program monitoring
  • Secured and standardised collaborative platform
  • “In-service” Product data integration
  • Moving from an engineering product centric culture to an industrial one Shared product data
  • Enterprise change process

Achieving High Performance in Aerospace and Defense Through Improved Program Profitability

I’d like to share “Achieving High Performance  Through Improved Program Profitability” by Accenture.