2013-2031 Aviation and Aerospace Market Outlook by Boeing

This document was presented by Randy Tinseth who is VP of Marketing @ Boeing Commercial Airplanes on June 2013.

It provides you insights about :

20-year traffic and airplane forecast,
Market forecast drivers and considerations,
Economic growth and oil price trends,
Boeing product strategy & development,
Fleet development in Emerging markets,
Regional Air Traffic Growth,
Air Cargo Traffic Growth,
Future Airplane and Freighter Deliveries,
The Boeing Edge Services.

You can download the presentation from my slideshare link:


Special Report: 2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies

I would like to share Top 100 Special report prepared by PWC and Flightglobal to give you insights, figures and findings about 2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies, Revenues, Growth, Profit, Ranking, New Entrants and Movers.

You can download the report from my slideshare:


2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies – Movers

2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies - Movers

2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies-Revenue Growth

2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies Revenue Growth

2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies-Headlines

2014 Top 100 Aerospace Companies