Business Jet Market Outlook and Dassault Aviation Market Positioning


Big Data Analytics for Commercial Aviation and Aerospace

I’d like share “Big Data Analytics for Commercial Aviation and Aerospace”  report by IBM.

In this report you can find following information:

  • An opportunity for insight in the changing commercial aerospace business
  • Vision for New Applications of Analytic Insight in Commercial Aerospace
  • Benefit of Big Data Analytics for the Airline Operator
  • Modern, Mobile Experience
  • Big Data Analytics In Action
  • Predictive Analytics To Prevent Engine Events
  • Predictive Analytics Improves Safety and Quality
  • Predictive Analytics Keeps More Planes in the Air


Business Aviation Outlook

I’d like to share “Business Aviation Outlook 2014” presentation prepared  by ICH.
In this presentation you can find insights about :

  • North American Business and General Aviation
  • Business Jet Deliveries
  • Market Trend
  • Outlook for recovery
  • Airline Consolidation
  • Value to Passengers
  • Business Investment