BDLI German Aerospace and Defense Companies

I’d like to share “German Aerospace and Defense Companies” presentation by BDLI.

You can download the slide from following link:


2015-2025 Global Fleet and MRO Europe Market Forecast

I’d like to share “Turbulence ahead, Disengage the autopilot ” presentation by Christopher Doan, VP at Oliver Wyman on Nov 2015. This presentation provides 2015-2025 Global Fleet & MRO Market Forecast for Europe.

You can download the presentation from slideshare or following link:

The Aviation Study 2015:German Aviation Industry outsourcing Capacities to the Far East

I’d like to share the “Aviation Study 2015 – managing global value-creation chains”  which is based on a survey conducted by the consulting firm Staufen AG in partnership with the German Aerospace Industries Association (“BDLI”).

You can download the report at slideshare or from following link: