How Entrepreneurship Enhances Your Self-Development

This is a guest post from Reyyan Demir.    In this post, you will find how entrepreneurship can enhance your perspective of life and help you develop your self-awareness and self-development.

Since I moved to Europe, time-to-time I received partnership offers from my friends, my former colleagues or network members to build a start up in different industries. Startup owners find my global network, business relationship and international sales skills attractive for marketing and selling their products

I was reading or just observing people who became new entrepreneurs, what they wanted to do, how they developed their business but never involved their processes deeply or directly. I was a little bit cautious, doubtful and actually didn’t have a real interest in entrepreneurship. Therefore my knowledge was very little just like the surface of a big iceberg.

This situation continued till two of my best friends decided to build their own start-up and I found myself in the middle of the start-up building process. They were meant to me and I had to support them. I wanted them to be successful in their startup and also wanted to taste a few of my spices in their soup.

After jumping the situation, the first thing I realized that I know nothing about startups and entrepreneurship. It is so easy to read articles about how startups become successful but very difficult to realize how many sleepless nights they spent to achieve that success we read in just 2 min.

Being a part of this process and seeing all these incredible efforts to make it work helped me to be aware of the start up reality, and the difficulties and challenges behind the scene.

I started to read whatever I found from books, the Internet about entrepreneurship and success stories of several start-ups from different industries. I started to create a new business network from start-up owners and entrepreneurs to understand their mindset, needs and wants. I started to interview with them to learn from their own experiences. I asked them how they started their journey, how they became successful and what mistakes they made and finally, what would they suggest new comers as lessons learned.

Surprisingly all of the people I met had real difficulties in their first year yet achieved their targets in spite of financial, human and capital scarcity. They were all so happy, excited and determined and fulfilled about their business.

You could immediately realize the flow of energy in their body language and the spark in their eyes. None of them had a target to earn more money but to have personal fulfillment and doing something that they believe and enjoy. They are doing their job so well that money comes after them. …

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Today I would like to share a story about a corporate manager who became a successful entrepreneur after reaching rock bottom and then turned around his life in an outstanding way.

Every journey starts with a single step. He started his journey as a C-Level Executive at one of the Top 100 Aerospace & Defense Companies.

He was dynamic, diligent and most importantly a strategic thinker. In 4 months time after being hired, he started to show first achievements at work, one after the other. In his first year of management, he initiated more than 40 projects worldwide successfully. His company was being managed in a traditional way while his management style was different, unusual and extraordinary. After his first year, it was obvious to the executive board and CEO of the company that he was not in the same boat with others. He was not a fitting the executive team, although he has a great team of hundreds of employees under his management. Although he always brought the results, overachieved the target, the executive management felt uncomfortable with him. He made many things first time in this company and outshined the others. It disturbed some people because he was pushing them out of their comfort zone and do more.

Before his third year at the company, he decided to quit the job. He didn’t have a job offer or an idea what to do next. He just thought he couldn’t continue anymore in this way. Since he was a nationally recognized executive with several awards, nominations, being an executive board member of international business organizations, there should be other companies who would appreciate and value his skills, talent, and competence.

First 6 months passed quickly with holidays as a break and some interviews. He thought he would do better in the second half of the year. After several introductions, tens of interviews and being shortlisted by Forbes Global companies, he couldn’t get any offer.

His self-confidence went down and left the place to self-doubt.

One day I saw his message and called immediately. He said he really felt bad. His last two interviews that he expected to get an offer turned down. They hired another person. He was so sure that he would get the position. He was confident that strategy and business plan he presented during interviews were very right and it fit the companies. He was frustrated and puzzled why it resulted in this way. This situation repeated several times in the same way since the beginning of the year. I asked him if they gave any specific reason why they didn’t hire him. What they told him was “You are over-skilled and too much for us.”

I said to him “Look! If they said you were too good for them, most probably they were right. Because they are not good enough for you and you should work in a company who thinks that you are just enough. You should find a company that will appreciate you and give you enough space to develop further. They didn’t hire you because they couldn’t afford to pay your value. You will worry now but when you find the right opportunity, you will be grateful that you are not hired by any of these companies.

I said, “Please remember this, I will remind you next year.”

After that time till now he built a startup with a partner in the technology field and were able to attract the attention of tech giants, investors and global companies to his start-up. His company won already two national and international start-up awards.

I got a call from him last week. His voice was cheerful and excited. He told me that He got a big project and will be traveling for a month time. He was so happy.

He also mentioned that in one of the conference he joined he met with the CEO of the company he interviewed last year and how much they were surprised when they learned his new startup and its global success. He said he took the revenge when he saw the people’s face that didn’t hire him when they learned what he achieved.

I said, “You should be grateful to them.

He said, “Why?”

I said, “Do you remember what we discussed last year in these times?” Now you found a right opportunity where you are just good enough and have a lot of space to develop yourself and grow your business. If they hired you, you would work for them with a salary in your comfort zone. Now you are working for your self, your clients are from Top Forbes companies. You received several start-up awards already in your first year. You are making 7-digit revenue. Could you imagine that you could achieve this? Send them a thank you card for not hiring you and pushing you for starting your own journey.

He said then “Yeah!, that’s true.”

Next time when somebody tells you “You are too much or too good!”, run away from them and chase the opportunities for your self, for your company or business where you will be given a chance to great and successful. Please remember this! Sometimes life is like an arrow. When it is pulling you backward with difficulties, it is going to launch you into something so great. So just trust yourself, work hard and keep moving forward!

Please remember this!

Sometimes life is like an arrow. When it is pulling you backward with difficulties, it is going to launch you into something so great. So just trust yourself, work hard and keep moving forward!

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