Commecial Aircraft Engines Insights 2014-2015

I’d like to share “Commercial Engines 2014 and 2015 ” special report by Flightglobal in association with CFM.

In this reports you can find:

  • Commercial engines: manufacturer market share
  • Engine market share by market group
  • Milestones in commercial turbofan history
  • Commercial turbofan engines: production timeline
  • Commercial engine manufacturers and types



Open Source to Aftermarket Engine Manufacturers

I’d like to share “Maintaining Altitude: Open source to aftermarket Engine Manufacturers” by Geoff Murray and Tim Cleary from Oliver Wyman.


Air Transport After Market Battlegrounds 2015

I’d like to share “Key Battlegrounds in the Aftermarket” presentation which was  shared at the SpeedNews Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Toulouse, France on September 16, 2015 by David Stewart.