#Technology Companies and the Internet of Things #IoT

#Technology Insights by Eric Benedict and Rob Hornby @AlixPartners

What is in it for #Aviation and #Aerospace industries?


#Additivemanufacturing takes humanitarian action

3D Opportunity for life

A Deloitte Review by Brenna Sniderman, Parker Baum, and Vikram Rajan. 

Commercial Aerospace Insight Q2 2016

You can find overview and  predictions for  Aerospace market growth, Aircraft production through 2017, New aircraft deliveries, Aircraft operations, Regional aircraft and MRO demand in this report by Accenture.



Best ways to connect each other!

Last week a close friend of mine told me that there are so many people who are trying to connect to me but they couldn’t. It was quite surprising to hear this feedback because I like engaging…

Source: Best ways to connect each other!

World Airliner Directory 2015

I’d like to share “World Airliner Directory 2015” part 1 by Flightglobal.


You can download the document from slideshare or following link:


Global Aviation Market Forecast 2015-2034

I’d like to share ” Global Market Forecast 2015-2034  ” report by AIRBUS.

  • Demand for air travel
  • Network and traffic forecast
  • Demand for passenger aircraft
  • Freighter forecast


Lean Development and German Engineering 2015

I’d like to share “Lean Development and German Engineering 2015” survey  by Staufen.

You can download the survey from slideshare: