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Commercial Aviation Update by Ascend Flight Global

In this report commercial aviation market, market growth, jet deliveries for next 20 years  are analyzed by Ascend Flight Global.

You can download the report here:

Commercial Aviation is seeing New Markets and Manufacturers

I’d like to share “Globalization of Aircraft Manufacturers” insight by PWC.

Commecial Aircraft Engines Insights 2014-2015

I’d like to share “Commercial Engines 2014 and 2015 ” special report by Flightglobal in association with CFM.

In this reports you can find:

  • Commercial engines: manufacturer market share
  • Engine market share by market group
  • Milestones in commercial turbofan history
  • Commercial turbofan engines: production timeline
  • Commercial engine manufacturers and types


Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents

I’d like to share ” Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents ” by  BOEING.

You can find some statistics about ;

  • 2013 Airplane Accidents
  • Departures, Flight Hours, and Jet Airplanes in Service
  • Accident Summary by Type of Operation
  • Accident Summary by Injury and Damage
  • Accident Rates and Onboard Fatalities by Year
  • U.S. and Canadian Operators Accident Rates by Year
  • Accident Rates by Airplane Type
  • Fatal Accidents and Onboard Fatalities by Phase of Flight