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Global Military Aircraft MRO Outlook and Forecast by 2022

I’d like to share “Military Aircraft MRO Forecast: A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERSA BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS” presented by Michael Howard from ICF International.

DEFENSE MRO: Where from here?

I’d like to share “Defense MRO: Where from here?” presentation by John Johns, Deputy Asistance Secretary of Defense (Maintenance) in April 2014.

In this presentation you will find:

  • Historic trend in defense spending
  • Guiding principles and opportunities
  • Warfighter support
  • Affordability and Life Cycle Management
  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Inventory Management


Military Aircraft Fleet and MRO Forecast

I’d like to share “Military Aircraft Forecast 2014” by Aviationweek.

In this report you will find out:

  • Military Fleet Evolution
  • Military Aircraft Delivery Forecast
  • Fighter,Attack,Trainer, Rotary Wing, Transport/Utility, Special Mission,Military Tanker Aircraft  Fleet, New Deliveries and MRO
  • Global Military Fleet MRO Requirements
  • 10 year Military Aircraft MRO Forecast
  • In Service Military Aircrafts